Supporting the Community

The Greg Michie Team is proud to sponsor The St. Andrews Community with this inspirational and motivational team dressing room.

As a resident of St. Andrews for over 35 years, Greg can personally attest to the benefits of living in this terrific family oriented Community. 
Both of Greg's children, Jeff and Jamie, have been involved with organized sports programs at the Community Club.

The Greg Michie Team Dressing Room at St. Andrews Community Club

We believe that community club programs are a great way to develop friendships, have fun, promote healthy activity and learn the importance of dedication and teamwork.



The Greg Michie Team – proud supporters of:
Heart and Stroke Foundation | The United Way | Manitoba Real Estate Shelter Foundation | Canadian Red Cross | Cancer Care Manitoba |

It was such an honor to be able to design something that will inspire and motivate children of all ages for a very long time. People will immediately connect with and feel united by the customized combination of images and quotes.

The Vancouver Olympics in 2010 stirred a patriotism within myself I didn't realize I had. Canada is a special place to live, and by teaching our children the importance of community and teamwork, our country’s future just becomes brighter. 

Huge thanks to my dad, Greg Michie - for approaching me to design this room.  I know it means a lot to the community, and to the people that get to experience the immediate effects of The Greg Michie Team Change Room. 

Sincerely, Jamie Michie


Hi Greg,
Just want to pass onto you the positive feedback from people who have seen your dressing room, the look on their face when walking into the dressing room is a chin dropping WOW look. Some of the remarks are "this is awesome”, "oh my, this is a dressing room."  A coach asked me to keep track on the teams that use your dressing room on how many times they win, he said the dressing room is inspiring.
People are specifically requesting the use of the Michie room. That room is the talk around the club.
Hats off to you and your team and Jamie for all her hard work designing the dressing room, it truly is remarkable. You made the standards even higher to keep the St. Andrews C.C. a 1st class organization.

Arena Manager, Darren Zembik